Shivani – Breaking Stereotypes

Shivani, 18 years of age comes from Jai Maa Lakshmi Self Help Group. She has been a part of her YWSHG since 2016. Shivani voluntarily works as Internal Social Capital of Young Women Self Help Group under RGMVP.

She has taken and given trainings on menstrual hygiene, self-defence, self confidence building and also on family planning to young women of her SHG.

Talking about her training experience she talks about Family Planning as being one of the most difficult to talk about as the girls shy away from talking about these things due to the biases and stigma that society has put on issues like family planning.

She narrates an incident “Once, when I went to the medical shop to buy condoms for training purposes and to show it to the girls, the shopkeeper gave me a weird look as if he is judging me and gave me the packet. While I reached back home, my father asked me where I have been? The shopkeeper had called him and told him that your girl has taken these things. No sooner did I reach the house a call had been made to my father that is how our society is

Shivani, still gives training on these topics and says she would continue to do as talking about issues like these is the need of hour “Now, even my mother knows about the methods of family planning which she wasn’t aware about it before. I’m proud of the fact that I educated my mom on such an important topic and she supports me in whatever I am doing”

Sara Saad