She is Kamla, a successful member of Pooja SHG in Awasthipur village of Bikapur block ion Faizabad district. Kamla was very poor before joining the group. There are four members in her family, i.e., two sons and a daughter in law and herself with just 15 biswa land. Husband of Kamla died about four years back.

Now her SHG, which is more than four years old, came to her rescue. Initially she borrowed Rs 2,000 from her group for cultivation on her own 15 biswa of land. Thereafter she availed loan of Rs  15,000 for opening kirana shop on the road adjoining to her village.  This shop is running very well and it has made life of family members easy. Kamla herself is running this shop.  Out of Rs 15,000 she has by now repaid Rs 10,000 and interest and Rs 5,000is yet to be repaid. After payment of this remaining amount, she will enhance her shop by taking further assistance from her group. Kamla says that after death of her husband, the family was in a miserable condition. SHG had played a prominent role in giving hope and support to her family in miserable condition. As such, she has maximum faith in her group.

C S Pandey, February 2019