Lakhpati is a successful member of Shayar Ma SHG in Naya Purwa village of Sangrampur block in Amethi district. Her family consists of six members and she has 1.5 bigha of land. She was very poor before joining SHG. After coming in group she improved her agricultural occupation. Apart from her own land, she is cultivating one bigha of land on batai (lease). She has availed cumulative financial assistance of Rs 2.29 lakhs on 8 occasions for different activities as under:

  1. Rs 35,000 for purchase of milch  buffalo for sale of milk.
  2. Rs 25,000 for house construction.
  3. Rs 1, 00,000 for installation of submersible pump on her farm for irrigation of own land as well as the farm of neighboring farmers by taking reasonable charges.
  4. Rs 10,000 (2 times, i.e., Rs 5000 and Rs 5000) for Agriculture
  5. Rs 3,000 for education of children.
  6. Rs 15,000 for treatment.
  7. Rs 41,000 in connection with marriage of her son.

She has now two major income generation activities i.e. progressive cultivation and sale of milk and her family has come out of poverty. She is educated up to 8th standard and her all children are school going. Family members are living a happy life and a son is married. She gives total weightage of happiness of her family to her SHG, which was formed in 2009 and  is currently running well.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, February 2019