Ranjana is a successful woman of Tara SHG in Mohabbatpur village of Jagdishpur block in Amethi district. She joined group six years back. Before joining SHG she was very poor, shy and had a sense of insecurity. After coming in to the group, things changed. She became confident and courageous. She has taken following financial assistance from her SHG for her family’s economic development:

  1. Rs 11,000for establishing carpenter shop for her husband.
  2. Rs 20, 000 for sending the husband to Saudia. However, he fell sick there and had to return quickly.
  3. Rs 25, 000 for installation of submersible pump set for irrigating her land.
  4. Rs 20, 000 for her daughter’s marriage.
  5. Rs 50, 000 for opening of mobile shop for her son in Jagdishpur market.

After coming in to the group Ranjana took three bigha of land for cultivation on batai (lease). At present she has three income generation activities i.e. carpenter shop,  cultivation of crops and mobile shop. When her husband went to Saudia, carpenter shop was closed during that period.  Now, after his return, again they are going to restart this shop.

Ranjana is an illiterate woman.  However, after joining the group, she has mastered to put her signature. She  has 10 members in her family including four daughters and three sons. The eldest son, who is running mobile shop, is  handicapped and could not continue studies. Two of her daughters are married after intermediate and remaining two daughters and son are school going. There is visible change in the status of the family members and the family is out of poverty. For this transformation, Ranjana gives credit to her group.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, February 2019