182. ( March 25, 2019) : Malti : SHG Impact:

She is Malti, a successful member of Parvati SHG in Bahorkha village of Shahgarh block. in Amethi district. Malti has a large family that comprises of 9 members i.e. her husband, wife, five daughters and two sons. She has just one bigha of land. Before joining the self-help group her family was very poor. She was illiterate. She was shy and lacked confidence. Her but after coming in SHG in 2005, her conditions changed for the better. SHG and association with others empowered her. She availed loans to the tune of of Rs  85, 000 from her SHG on six occasions for different activities as under:

  1. Rs. 15, 000 for production and sale of Namkeen as a micro enterprise.
  2. Rs. 25, 000 to expand her enterprise by adding a sweets shop.
  3. Rs. 25, 000 for the marriage expenses of eldest daughter.
  4. Rs. 10, 000 for the marriage of her 2nd daughter.
  5. Rs. 5, 000 for Agricultural expenses
  6. Rs. 5, 000 for education of younger children.

Sweets and Namkeen shop of Malti is running very well giving good returns. From the income of this shop and Agriculture, family has come out of poverty. After joining SHG, she learned write her name. Her story is an example of the power of SHG as a social platform to empower the poor village women and help them to break the barriers of ignorance, fear, lack of confidence and lack of identity and to prove that with the right environment, they too can become the light and hope in their respective families.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, 25 March 2019