67. Shajahan’s – Path towards financial security

Shahjahan is successful SHG woman of Shahid Baba SHG in Masena Mirjapur village of Ramnagar block of Ambedkar Nagar district. There are 8 members in her family. Shahjahan belonged to a very poor and land less minority family.  After coming in SHG,  she has taken cumulative loan of Rs 33000/- from her group for different activities on 5 occasions  as under:-

  1. Rs 3000 for purchase of goats
  2. Rs10000 for purchase of she  buffalo heifer, which is now in lactation stage.
  3. Rs 10000 for keeping a shop of pressure cooker, torch, gas burners and repairing of these items.
  4. Rs 5000 again for purchase of goats.
  5. Rs 5000 again as working capital for the existing shop.

At present she has 3 income generation activities i.e. shop, goat rearing and sale of milk. Family of Shahjahan has finally come out of poverty. She is educated up to intermediate and does  not have any barrier now as her husband supports her allowing her to move freely for participating in meeting etc. Her all 4 children are getting better  education. Entire family of Shahjahan is happy giving high weightage to SHG, which is satisfactorily operated.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, January 2019