73. Ayesha – Breaking the social norms 

Name – Ayesha

Self Help Group – Suhabna Mahila Swayam Sahayta Samooh

Village Organisation – Chand Mahila Gram Sanghatan

Block Organisation – Sahara Mahila Block Sanghatan

Gram Panchayat –  Bhasundhra

District – Badayun

Block – Usawan

Ayesha, comes from a small village in Shajahanpur. She is a member of Suhabna Mahila Swayam Sahayta Samooh. She is the treasurer of her self-help group.

“The condition of my family before joining the Self-help group was really bad. We were very poor, only my husband used to earn, he was the sole bread earner and the members of the house were 10. After my husband met with an accident and broke his leg, the conditions of our family worsened. It got so bad that I and my mother in law had to put our jewellery on mortgage”

After joining the SHG, Ayesha started saving. She took a loan of 5000 rs from her self-help group and released her jewellery. She again took 3000 rs for her children’s education. She repaid the money back within a year. After her self-help group got their CCL from the bank she took out 10,000 and invested the money and opened a grocery shop. She repaid back the amount that she earned through the shop.

“Right now, my children are studying, I have repaid all my debts. Even I am pursuing BA right now, there is no age for education, and learning can come in all forms. My SHG taught me this. Whatever I have I will give the credit to my Self Help Group, I am glad I became a part of it.

Dipanshu and Sara