A Shared Responsibility: Sita’s Story

‘A lot has changed in the way I was treated when I gave birth to my second child’,  says Sita.

She is only 25 years and lives in Raghunathpur village of Rahi block in Rae Bareilly district and has given birth to her second child, recently. A healthy and happy mother, she is quite satisfied with her family for support during her second pregnancy.

‘But this wasn’t same during my first pregnancy’, she says with a smile on her face.

‘Women during pregnancy would eat the same food which rest of the family ate and nutrition was generally not a part of the care we received, in fact, it was considered inappropriate for pregnant women to demand variety in diet ‘.

‘All the household chores were performed by me, from cooking to cleaning the house. I would generally forget to take the iron and calcium tablets, even after doctor would suggest me to eat it’

‘But this changed during my second pregnancy’

‘My mother-in-law is a member of Bajrang Bali Women Self Help Group. This time she got a lot of information regarding Maternal Health and how a mother should be given 5 types of food and proper check-up during pregnancy. She took it upon herself to take care of my health during pregnancy and asked me to take a proper rest. She gave the responsibility to my husband to remind me to eat iron and calcium tablets ’

Sita says that she felt special this time.

Alokita, December 2018