58. Aiming for a better life through Self-Help Group: Sunila

Sunila joined Navodya Self-Help Group in 2008 and trajectory of her life has been successful since then. She lives in Karpiya village of Musafirkhana block in Amethi district.

Sunila narrated how it was difficult earlier to even step out of the house to participate in SHG meetings.

‘Earlier, it was too difficult to convince anyone at the house to even participate in SHG meetings’, said Sunila.

With few acres of land, that too on collateral, Sunila would have never imagined that she will be able own livelihoods business of her own. She narrated the story of that day when she freed her land by taking a loan of Rs. 20,000 from SHG.

‘My husband is usually sick and not working, I knew that I have the confidence to take the responsibility of my house and I took this responsibility by the support of my SHG’, said Sunila.

She also purchased a buffalo by taking a loan of Rs. 15,000 from SHG. She has invested loan taken from SHG in several livelihoods activities such goatery.  She has also repaired her home by taking a loan of Rs. 20,000 from SHG. Sunila has also learned the sustainable agriculture practices through SHG such Shivansh khad (18-days method of compost) on her agriculture land and grows pea, mustard etc.

‘My confidence is slowly increasing and now I am also selling Double Fortified salt, I see myself as an entrepreneur now’

I have sold salt several packets of DFS and I make women understand the benefits of this salt and inform them about the nutritious benefits of this salt.

Sunila’s son is working in Allahabad and daughter is studying in Navadoya School.

‘I know that the confidence that I have gained through SHG will also inspire my children to aspire and aim for a better life by being self-reliant’, Sunila mentioned.

Alokita, January 2019.