Alia Bano’s Story of Success

Alia Bano of Talia village in Tiloi block, Amethi district has 1.5 bigha land. There are 5 members in her family. Prior to coming in the group, family was facing poverty. After coming in SHG she has taken loan 6 times from her SHG aggregating Rs 82000/- for the following purposes.

First time: Rs 40000/- for purchase of one milch buffalo

Second time: Rs 7000/-for purchase of goats

Third time: Again Rs 5000/-for purchasing goats

Also, she took loan of Rs 30000/-(Rs 10000/-each times) for cultivating her land.

Thus, presently she has now 3 income generation activities i.e., sale of milk, crop cultivation, and goat rearing. So far she has sold 40 goats worth Rs 1, 60,000/-. Her family has come out of poverty and all family members are happy

– C.S Pandey & P.S Mohanan

November, 2018