YW 001. (May 10, 2019): Anshi becomes her own savior:  

Anshi is a member of Lakshya young woman self-help group from Majhila village, of Baberu block, in Banda district. She joined her YWSHG in 2016.

Coming from the social category of Other Backward Classes and, a poor family Anshi had to endure a lot of hardships. Her father being an ordinary farmer could not afford to send all her 3 children to school. As a result of which Anshi was always left behind.

“After joining the YWSHG, the first thing that I did was start my MA education. I used to attend the meetings, and take an active part in the discussions and training due to which I garnered a lot of knowledge. I started voluntarily working as ‘Meeting Sakhi’ and whatever I used to earn, I’d use it in my education. Right now I am completing ITI and am in my final year of pursuing Masters.”

Anshi’s life changed from being a girl clad in the veil of unawareness to now an active and empowered girl who goes to different blocks, voluntarily work as an Internal Social Capital (Health) of RGMVP, knows about her rights and entitlements and earns for herself.

“One of the most important thing that I learned from my YWSHG is that as a girl, one should always be self-sufficient, and never dependent on anyone else. I now take my own decisions, sponsor my own education, and help other Young girls to do the same. My parents are proud of me, and seek my advice before taking any family decisions. I have gained respect both in the eyes of my parents and the society and most importantly myself.”

Ramvijay and Sara