YW 004. (July 29, 2019) : Archana: Helped 15 girls to take admission:

“If I can educate one girl and even if one person benefits from my action I’ll be happy that I made a difference.”

Archana, a 20-year-old girl hails from a small village of Chandauli in Banaras district. She is in her 3rd year of a bachelors degree. Coming from a poor family, Anshi did not have enough resources and had to face discrimination in her own house.

“I could not stand up for my rights as I didn’t have the right platform. I was afraid that no one would listen to me and make fun of me.”

She joined Udaan young woman self-help group in 2018, where she gained a platform to raise her voice. She saw girls of her age and realized that she is not alone in this battle against discrimination.

“One thing that every girl can relate to is the fact that they have faced discrimination once in their lifetime. Girls have been suppressed so that they can not realize their true potential.” quoted Archana while fixing her yellow dupatta.

Archana taught 15 girls and gave them coaching classes. As a result of which these girls are now admitted in good schools. Archana guided them with the whole process and made them realize the importance of education. Seeing Archana many girls from her village formed self-help groups and started going to school.

“What motivated me the most was the teachings of my Self-help group. I remember when I learned about rights and entitlements, I felt that I have to do something for it. My self-help group is the reason I can stand in front of you and speak. All I am is because of my YWSHG.”