Aruna’s Brain Science 

Smt Aruna is a successful SHG member in defeating the poverty of the family by enjoying financial assistance from her group named Laxmi SHG. Prior to joining the group, her family was the poorest landless family in the village. SHG showed her path to gradual improvement of her economic condition.  It gave her opportunity to relax, think and feel that she was also somebody who could do something. After joining the group, her first loan of Rs. 1000 was to buy an electric iron box for her husband who started a micro enterprise of ironing cloths in Ganeshganj market adjacent to the village. From this activity he could earn Rs 250 to 300 per day. Next she took Rs. 10,000 loan for purchase of goats and became a successful small-scale goat farmer. Her recent investment was for purchase of a crossbred cow with a loan of Rs. 15,000 from the group. The cow is yielding 10 liters of milk per day generating an income of average Rs 250-300 per day for her. Thus the husband and wife together are now earning Rs 400 to 500 daily. Her economic condition has improved. She has plans to open a kirana shop also to bring further happiness in the family. Though she has studied up to 4rth standard, she made it a point to send her children to school. SHG network has given her opportunity to nurture her leadership capabilities and she is engaged in social work helping and guiding other SHGs of the village. She becomes very much emotional while recollecting her pre-SHG condition and gives whole credit of her progress and current level of happiness to her SHG.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, January 2019