Became a Scientific Farmer

Sundara lives in a mud house with a thatched roof in a village called Gulabrai ka purwa in Dalmau block of Rae Bareilly district and has been a part of SHG since 2009. She has 5 bigha of cultivable land on which she works all by herself. Her husband is an alcoholic who once had sold her goat for Rs. 1100 in her absence for some extra ounce of alcohol. Her sons also do not help her in the fields at all.

Sundara then decided to have her own means of livelihood and earning and bought a buffalo by taking an initial loan of Rs. 30,000, later took a loan of Rs. 12,000 to repay all her previous loans. She has also invested in agricultural activities by taking a loan of Rs. 55,000.

Sundara is the sole breadwinner of the family and works on her 5 bigha land and keeps the income generated from her agriculture activity with herself- “I hide the money because I have to get my son married and I have to look at the household, I have to buy vegetables and I also have to cook”. Gram Sangatan collectively decided that her seed will be sold for Rs 30 where she will get Rs 25 and the rest will be given to Block Organization She is extremely happy with her wheat production through Informal seed system project and therefore she has also taken 3 kgs of sahbhagi in 2017 paddy season. She is so invested in her agriculture activity that sometimes she goes in the dark also to weed out the plants. She has learnt a lot of skills in past few years and knows how to ensure seed purity, nursery raising and transplanting, applying proper nutrition to the soil through adequate compost, appropriate stress management, proper rouging and strict quality maintenance.