Seeta is a member of Adarsh Women Self-help Group and lives in Puregulab village of Samaarpa gram panchayat in Rae Bareilly district. She joined Self-Help group in the year 2009.

Her husband is a farmer. Before joining the SHG, Seeta mentioned that her only work was to take care of the children, But after joining SHG, her life has become more than just nurturing the children. She not only takes care of them but also is contributing to her family financially.

Due to Seeta’s leadership quality, she has been on several important posts within the SHG.

She has been a community program leader and also a community Resource Person and formed SHGs in not just her village and district but also has been to different districts such as Banda. She has formed several SHGs.

She has taken loans from SHG several times. She took a loan of Rs. 5,000 and purchased a buffalo and then she took a loan of Rs. 15,000 for her agricultural land. She has taken loans from SHG several times for her children’s education.

Seeta mentioned that SHG has given her power and confidence to learn, lead in order to bring a change in the society.