Chanda Devi is a member of Baadal self-help group in Kamela village, of Haidergarh block in Barabanki district. She joined her SHG in 2012.

Before joining the group, the monetary conditions of her family were very poor. There were a lot of social boundaries and restriction, and she could not step out of her house. Her husband was a laborer, and there was no source of financial income or livelihood. Her land was on a mortgage. She did not have the courage to talk to anyone,  Due to lack of proper knowledge and information her two kids died at the time of the birth.

Chandra Devi got to know about SHG, through a community volunteer of RGMVP. Her In-laws did not allow her to join the group, she only joined on the condition that the meeting would happen at her house.

After joining the self-help group, she took the money and invested in the following activities –

Rs 8000 to free her land out of a mortgage

Rs 30,000 to send her brother in law abroad

Rs 4000 to start the business of goat rearing

Through these activities, she earned around Rs 25,000. Her husband now doesn’t work at anyone else’s field, he looks after his own field. The monthly income is Rs 20,000.

“Now, my In-laws say that I am not their daughter in law but the goddess of their house. I go to different blocks, for meetings and forming SHGs. I have also worked as a community resource person in RGMVP, and now as a master trainer in health. She now has a healthy 2-year-old son. My SHG has transformed me into a more confident and happy person.”

Ankit and Sara