Chandrawati’s sense of Accomplishment

Chandrawati is a member of Jai Maa Durga Self- Help Group and joined SHG in 2008. She lives in Karpiya village of Musafirkhana in Amethi district and belongs to a Scheduled Caste Family. The steps of success had not been easy for her. There were no fixed sources of income in the family before joining Self-Help Group.

‘It was extremely hard to even educate my children’, Chandrawati said. She along with her husband started selling crunchies. Later, through SHG, expanded her business by taking loans on various occasions from her Self-Help Group. Chandrawati has also invested loans in multiple livelihood activities such as selling cow’s milk and agriculture. Initially took a loan of Rs. 10,000 and bought a cow and later took a loan of Rs. 20,000 for her agriculture land.

‘All my children are studying now and my eldest daughter is doing auxiliary nurse training’

Till now, she has taken a loan of 1, 80,000 through SHG savings and 1, 15,000 from SHG’s CCL. She has successfully been able to repay most of the loans she has taken.

‘SHG has brought a real success in my life, it is through SHG that my crunchy selling business has expanded manifold,’ she said.

‘My family is happier now’, Chandrawati smiles with a sense of accomplishment on her face.

–  Alokita, January 2019