I 205. (April 9, 2019): Prema Devi: Creates Employment for her husband

Prema Devi is a member of  Shivam Mahila self-help group, from Raghuvir hamlet of Ekauna block, in Shavastri district.

Due to no source of livelihood, the financial conditions of her house were not good, the husband was not employed, and the children were not able to go to school.

“One day, I saw a meeting of a self-help group in my village, out of curiosity, I went and enquired about it. Attending just one meeting gave me a lot of knowledge, I learned about how small-small savings can help me with creating livelihood opportunities for my family.”

20th June 2018 was the day when Prema joined Shivam Mahila self-help group. She became the president of her group. Initially, she started to save and took out Rs 1000 from her self help group for agricultural practices. She again took Rs 7000 from her  SHG and opened a vegetable shop for her husband in the village. She also expanded the shop and added grocery items to the shop, The Shop now works very well.

The conditions of my house have improved tremendously, I have not only earned livelihood opportunities but also respect, I am now an independent, strong, empowered woman who voluntarily work as Internal Social Capital of Rajiv Gandhi Mahila Vikas Pariyojana. 

Ankit and Sara