Why Counseling for Economic Mobility of SHG Family is essential?

Counseling for economic mobility of SHG family is most essential. Such meetings with family of SHG member becomes a Positive Family Meeting that adds confidence and hope to the poor household. Smt. Srimati, member of Garun SHG in Chaturpur villaage of Chhatoh block was happy after such a meeting by our counselor at her home. This poor family has 12 biswa land and husband is working as laborer. Srimati has borrowed  Rs 58000/-  so far from her group as under:-

  1. Rs 20000/- for purchase of buffalo
  2. Rs 30000/-for purchase of small plot to establish kirana shop
  3. Rs 8000/- to cultivate 1 bigha land taken on batai.

She will now avail another loan to establish grocery shop. In the coming days, the family will come out of poverty through 3 income generation activities. SHG of Srimati is well operated and she is confident to come out of poverty with the support of her SHG in which she has tremendous faith.

By C S Pandey and P S Mohanan