Meet Ashina Bano, The Army Aspirant

Ashina Bano, 18 years of age, comes from Khwaja Gareeb Yuwa Mahila Swayam Sahayta Samooh. She has been a part of her Young Women Self Group since 5 years. Currently, she is pursuing BA in Political Science and English Literature. Ashina, took 2000 rs from her YWSHG to pay her college
fees. She repaid it back in 1 month itself. Ashina, is enrolled in NCC, as she dreams of getting into the Army and serve the country. Right now she is volunteering as a Community Resource Development Institution Team member of Young Women Self Help Groups under RGMVP.
After joining the YWSHG, she acquired knowledge in various field like menstrual health and hygiene, family planning, and self-defence.

“Only after joining the YWSHG, I came to know about the whole process of menstruation, and how to maintain menstrual hygiene, now I use Pads instead of cloth and go to the medical shop to buy it on my own. I even taught my mother, and now she also uses pads.”

When asked about her plans on getting married she responds by saying “I won’t marry until I am ready, right now I am not, my main focus is to get into army. I will decide who I will marry because it’s me who has to spend my whole life with him, no one will take my decisions, and I will take them

She says her Husband should be supportive of her dreams and should respect her and her family, she also mention that she’d continue to work even after her marriage.

“To change the society we must change one individual person first, only then the entire society will change. I started the change within myself, then my family, and then my relatives. Earlier, my own mother discriminated against me, my brothers were given more importance, better food, and were admitted in better schools, after I joined the Samooh and earned for myself they started to respect me more”

Sara Saad