Fighting against all Odds – Neelam

Barely 16 years of age, Neelam of Amoli block got married. Having completed only 9th grade education. Her struggles and hardships began since then.

After her marriage, Neelam wasn’t treated well at her in laws place, she was given no love or respect. After 3 years into her marriage, and seeing the similar attitude of her in laws and husband, Neelam decided to leave her house and continue with her education. As a result, she gave tuitions to two kids, and with the income, paid her school fees.  Facing many hardships, she completed her 10th and 12th and also got her Bachelor’s degree. Having mastered the skill of education, in 2004, she attended the students of Bridge course, and made the students aware about the same, to help people like her who couldn’t complete their education initially. “No one should be dependent on any one you should be self-sufficient in your own”, Neelam was quoted saying.

In 2015, she got associated with the SHG and since then she has been helping other women to get out of poverty and stand on their own feet, just like her own. Right now she has two children, who are enrolled in a government school. Neelam is happy with her life and says that she would continue working with the SHG till the end of her life.

November 2018