Ending the Poverty

Smt Nirmala is a member of Agwanbaba SHG in Manshahpur village of Musafirkhana block. Her family is poor. It consists of 8 members and has 1.0 bigha land. Husband is working as a laborer. Nirmala availed the loan of Rs 20000/- from her group and purchased one milch buffalo and the loan is being repaid by her. Now she has a plan to open a Kirana shop for her husband in Musafirkhana town which is at a distance of 6 kms from the village. This will be 2nd income generation activity for the family. Apart from this Agriculture will also supplement the family income. As such, from these 3 income generation activities i.e., the sale of milk, kirana shop and Agriculture, the family will come out of poverty. SHG of Nirmala is running well and she is happy after joining the group.

– CS Pandey & P S Mohanan