Entrepreneur Amravati!

Amrawati, member of Maihar Devi SHG in Pandeypur village of PP Kamaich block in RGMVP’s Amethi Region turned out to be an entrepreneur after joining her SHG.  Prior to coming into the SHG, Amrawati, like many such woman villages, lacked confidence, information, and courage. She is landless and illiterate and felt very much poverty stricken and incapacitated before SHG. There are 7 members in her family (Husband, wife and 5 children). Apart from the social empowerment and confidence, she gained as an active member of her group, she availed loans from her group for livelihood generation. Her first step was to purchase some goats for which she took Rs. 5000 from her group. After repaying the loan, she took another loan of Rs. 10,000 and bought a cow. Next, she took Rs. 25,000 from her group for a small business on a pushcart by her husband. Her husband is selling miscellaneous items in the market on this pushcart. These include peanuts, biscuits, toys, and sweets. He is earning Rs 250/- to 300/- per day through this business. From the above 3 income generation activities i.e. goat rearing, cow and small business on a pushcart, the family generates its livelihood. Amravati is fearless and has good faith in her SHG and she has broken the hierarchies that hindered her equal and active participation in family matters and its progress. SHG transformed her. She is sending all her children to school.  She has great hopes for the future of her children.

P S Mohanan and C S Pandey, December 2018