From SHG member to Agriculture Specialist

Meera Maurya wife of Sobhnath Maurya is a member of Laxmi Self Help Group of Sangipur block in Amethi. She is a successful vegetable cultivator. She has 50 biswa of land in which she cultivates vegetables and sugarcane. The learning of making 18-days compost (known as Shivansh Khaad) through her SHG was a game changer. Shivansh fertilizer has revived the interest for cultivation in her family. She has discontinued the use of chemical fertilizers and she uses only compost in her farm.  She invests nearly Rs. 20,000 a year in agriculture. She has taken financial support of her SHG. She tells us that her vegetables have a special glow because of the organic fertilizer she uses. Her vegetables and the sugar cane she grows are of high demand in the market and she is able to fetch higher price. She is earning Rs. 400 to 500 on a daily basis out of vegetables. Now she is an agriculture specialist.

P S Mohanan

November 2018