YW 003. (July 26, 2019) :  Gaytri’s story of Change :

“I used to live in darkness. The veil was not on my face but in front of my eyes.”

Living in a world of unawareness and ignorance is easy but getting up and learning new things is difficult but not impossible.

Gaytri, a 19-year-old girl comes from a small village of Siddipur in Behandar block of Hardoi district. Coming from a poor household the financial conditions of her house were not good.

“The financial conditions of my house were such that I thought that I had to drop out of school after 12. I was a very bright student and studied through scholarship. The first time I went to a bank was when I got my scholarship amount. I had never been out of my house alone. My father used to drop and pick me up from school.”

On 3rd March 2018 Gaytri along with 11 other girls formed Vishnu Bhagwan Young Woman Self-Help Group.

“We started to save 10 rs monthly. Attending meetings increased my self-confidence. I learned about the best health practices, rights, and entitlements. I took money from my YWSHG to purchase my course books. My YWSHG benefitted me in so many ways that I made 3 more YWSHGs in my village.”

Today, Gaytri works as a PIC in Barabanki district. From the money that she earns, she is completing her BSC in nursing (ANM). She now rides her cycle and goes to school and is not dependent on anyone. Gaytri has made around 30 SHGs in her zone as she wants everyone to benefit from SHG as she did.