Geeta gains an identity through SHG

Geeta Devi, lives in village Barwa Sarasand of Kachhona block in Hardoi district.

She joined SHG in 2013. According to Geeta, her family condition has drastically changed after joining the Self-Help Group. Before joining the group, her family was living in absolute poverty with no major sources of income.

‘There was no hope in life, I used to think that poverty and helplessness is the only truth of my life’, says Geeta.

‘The CRP sisters asked me to join the group but my husband was not happy with this decision’.

‘I convinced my husband and slowly starting doing savings’.

Geeta has taken a loan for several livelihoods opportunities. She took a loan of Rs. 1000 and invested it in mushroom cultivation. Later, she took a loan of Rs.3000 for goat rearing through which she earned Rs. 9000.

She has repaid all the loans and recently opened a shop by taking a loan of Rs. 7000 from her SHG.

Geeta says that each livelihood investment has instilled a confidence. She has gained a sense of self and identity through her SHG. She is now capable and confident to aim for a much better future for her family.