Guddi is a member of Roshini self-help group in Mamrejpur village of Kothawan block in Hardoi district. She joined her self-help group in 2011.

Guddi came from a family, which was very poor, her parents were laborers that was the only source of livelihood they had. She somehow completed her education till class 10th and then was married off at the age of 15. Life did not get better for her as she was not allowed to step out of the house at her in-law’s place. She wanted to study further but her father in law denied. She was strangled by the chains of patriarchy and barriers.

It was in the year 2011 that she joined the self-help group, she joined it after a lot of arguments in her house, but this time she was adamant about changing the conditions of her family, with the help of her brother in law she convinced the people in her house and joined the group.

After joining the group, the first time I took out money for my children’s education, that is when I got the full permission of my house to do whatever I want to do, they couldn’t stop me because it was me who was bringing the money in the family.  I took money various times –

Rs 1000 for paying children’s fees

Rs 30,000 for opening a flour mill

Rs 20,000 for opening a hotel

Guddi arranged for livelihood opportunity both for her husband and her father in law. She herself worked voluntarily as Samooh Sakhi, made many self-help groups, later she volunteered as Community Resource Person in RGMVP, and now as master trainer health. She is now a confident, independent and empowered woman.

Guddi fought a battle and not only came out victorious by breaking the barriers, but she also broke the age-old conventional norms and not only got herself livelihood opportunity but also her husband and father in law. Her father in law now looks after the flour mill, and husband sits at the shop. Everyone is happy.

Ankit and Sara