Hameeda is a successful woman of Avasan Mai SHG in Bihara village of Mawai block of Faizabad district. Hameeda was very poor before joining SHG. She has six daughters and three sons out of which two sons are now living separately. Three of her daughters are also married off and are living with their husbands. Hameeda’s husband, only earning member of the family died four years back. The tragedy added to the burden and misery of Hameeda and her economic condition became worse. There were five members in the family (Hameeda, remaining three daughters and one son). After the death of her husband, it was her SHG that came to her rescue. Till now Hameeda has taken cumulative financial assistance of Rs 28, 000from her group on eight occasions as under:

1. Rs 7, 000 on two occasions i.e. Rs 2, 000 and Rs 5, 000 for opening a cosmetic shop.
2. Rs 11,000 for the purchase of a buffalo heifer, which has grown up as buffalo and is pregnant and likely to come in lactation soon.
3. She has taken three bighas of land on batai (lease) and started cultivating the same by availing loan from SHG. She has borrowed Rs 10000 on five times, Rs 2000 on each occasion for meeting the cost of agricultural inputs.

By availing needed and timely assistance from her self-help group, Hameeda has improved her economic condition and there is happiness in her family. Her three daughters a son are going to school. She says, “After the death of my husband, my family has survived only because of my SHG. Ham samooh Zindagi bhar na chhorab” (I will never leave my SHG in throughout my life).

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan