I 202. (April 2, 2019): Malti’s transformation:      


Malti is a successful woman of Deepali SHG in Pyarepur village of Salon block in Amethi district. She belonged to poorest and landless family of SC community. She is an illiterate housewife. Her family comprises of eight members (3 daughters, 2 sons, husband, wife and daughter-in-law). Severe poverty was prevailing in the family when Malti joined the group about eight years before.

SHG was a turning point in her life. Had it not been for her SHG, she would not have been able to educate her children. From a helpless village woman under purdha, she could transform herself in to a confident and capable woman, taking charge of the family and rewriting its destiny.

After coming in the group she enjoyed total assistance of Rs 95, 000 from her group on six occasions for various activities as under:

  1. Rs 5, 000cto start a small goat rearing enterprise.
  2. Rs 10, 000 for education of children.
  3. Rs 25, 000 for purchase of buffalo giving 8 to 10 kg milk daily.
  4. Rs 50, 000 to establish motor garage (on 2 occasions Rs 30,000 and Rs 20, 000)
  5. Rs 5, 000  for education of children.

There are now three income generation activities with the family i.e. goat rearing, motor garage and sale of buffalo milk and daily earnings of the family comes to around Rs1000. The family is out of poverty. Both her sons jointly are looking after garage work after studying up to high school and daughters are school going. After this remarkable transformation  in the status, family members are  very happy.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, 2 April 2019