I 206. (April 11, 2019): Asha Devi: The one who formed 100 SHG

Asha Devi is a member of Dharti Mata self-help group in Khajikheda village of Gosainganj block, Barabanki district.

“As I come from the social category of OBC and my household being of orthodox nature they married me off at an early age of 15, I was so young at that point of time that I didn’t even know the basic ways of living at my in-law’s place. Having no source of livelihood, the financial conditions of my family were very poor. What added more to my misery was the constant taunt that I used to receive from society only because I had 3 girls. Stepping out of the house was a big deal for me, I could not even talk properly.”

Asha joined the Dharti Maata self-help group after a lot of persuasions. She became the treasurer of the group as she studied till class 10th and knew how to read and write. After joining the group, Asha received a lot of information on issues like health, agriculture, and financial literacy. She started to save monthly and took out money from her SHG on various accounts –

Rs 5000 for agricultural purposes
Rs 20,000 for purchasing peppermint oil
Rs 50,000 in installments for opening a shop

“Today because of my SHG, I have two sources of livelihood. All my girls go to school, People now know me and my husband, I have formed more than 100 SHG, helped women to get livelihood opportunities. I am an empowered, strong, and independent woman all because of my SHG.”

Sara and Rampal Meena