I 217. (May 25, 2019): Usha’s economic empowerment through RGMVP 

She is Usha, a successful member of Jansewa SHG under RGMVP in Kajipur Kushemar village of Babaganj block in Pratapgad district. This landless and poor woman belongs to Schedule Cast Category family of 7 members. Family was facing acute poverty before Usha joined the self-help group 3 years back. SHG was a turning point in life of Usha. After coming in to the group, she availed loan of Rs 45 ,000 on 3 occasions from her SHG and invested wisely:

  1. Rs 25, 000 for establishing a cosmetic cum general store on the roadside.
  2. Rs10, 000 again as working capital for improving the  shop.
  3. Rs 10, 000/ for purchase of goats. At present she has 8 goats.

From the above two income generation activities, there is a new direction in the economic condition of the family. Poverty  is reduced to a great extent. Locational advantage is helping her to run the shop profitably.

Usha is illiterate but after joining the group she learned to put her signature. Her children are school going. She has now a plan to establish small restaurant adjacent to cosmetic shop for which she has sufficient space. This income generation activity will supplement the family income. Usha says that her SHG has come to her rescue  during the most miserable period the family has been facing. She has maximum faith in her group. Her SHG is running well.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, May 25, 2019