I 218. (May 27, 2019): Parvati – Landless poor becomes a farmer:

She is Parvati, member of Sagun SHG in Beershahpur village of Lalganj Ajhara block in Pratapgad district. This is the poorest and landless family of the village falling under the social category of Scheduled Caste. She was facing much poverty before joining the group. After coming in to the group, her condition began to improve. Her self-help group became a source of encouragement and financial support to her. It gave her courage this landless woman to take land on oral lease and do farming. She  has taken following loans from SHG:

  1. Rs 5000 for cultivation on two bigha of land, which she took on oral lease.
  2. Rs 15000 to start goat rearing as a livelihood activity.

From the above two income generation activities, life of the family members has become easy. She has further planned to expand the existing goat rearing business. She is illiterate but now she can put her signature. She is now able to send her all three children to school. She believes that SHG is her savior and she has full faith in it.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, May 27, 2019.