I 220. (June 01, 2019): Rani’s economic empowerment : 

Rani is a member of Ma Sharda SHG under RGMVP in Patna village of Harringtonganj block of Faizabad district. She has 7 members in the family i.e. husband, herself, three daughters and two sons. Her family has three   bigha of land. Rani was very poor before joining SHG. Only source of livelihood was income from farming which was not sufficient to meet family requirements. She was not able to provide good education to her children. SHG showed Rani the way. After coming in the group, she has availed cumulative assistance of Rs 98,500 from her group on 6 occasions as under:

  1. Rs 1, 000 for meeting the cost of cultivation. She started growing vegetables.
  2. Rs 5, 000 again to meet cultivation expenses.
  3. Rs 25, 000 for purchase of buffalo and start a dairy.
  4. Rs 7, 500 for purchase of a push cart to carry vegetables produced in her farm to the neighboring markets.
  5. Rs 20, 000 for purchase of 15 biswa of land on pledge.
  6. Rs 40, 000/ towards construction of house.

Now she has three income generation activities i.e. Agriculture, sale of milk and wholesale vegetable sales. From the earning out of these activities the family has come out of poverty. Rani is illiterate but now she has learned to put her signature. Her all the children are getting education in better school. Entire family is now living a happy life. She gives total weightage of her happiness to her SHG, which is running very well.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, June 01, 2019