I 223. (June 06, 2019): Angoor Jahan – Economic empowerment through SHG: 

Ms Angoor Jahan is a member of Tara SHG of Jagrati VO under Indira Block Organization of RGMVP, Singhpur block in Amethi District. She owns 2.5 bigha of cultivable land. Her SHG was formed in 2008. Before SHG, she was not allowed step outside of her home for social contact. Her husband was very much strict in this regard. One day when she was going for natural call, she saw women sitting in a circle and discussing something. Next time, she went to the group to understand the SHG concept. She became very impressed and joined the SHG with out the knowledge of her husband or family. She used to go to attend meeting on the pretext of answering to natural call. Only her daughter was aware about her membership in SHG.

One day her husband happened to see her in the group meeting. He became much annoyed and scolded her. After few days of this incident, suddenly her daughter became seriously sick. They sold grain for her treatment but it was not enough. After that her husband mortgaged their agriculture land and borrowed Rs 7,000 from one moneylender for daughter’s treatment. In this way, her economic condition became worst and pathetic. Since land was mortgaged, her animals were not allowed to be kept on the land. It was at this juncture; the family came to know about the value of SHG membership.

She took first loan from SHG of Rs 7000 for freeing her land from moneylender. From that day onwards, she got respect from her husband. She had paid back the debt of Rs 7000 to money lander without telling anyone of family. She just told them that the could keep their animals on their own land and nobody would object. They could return the loan to SHG in the same year because they could get net income of Rs 9000 from agriculture that year.

Her second loan was Rs 30,000 to land on mortgage for cultivation. First year, she earned Rs 50,000 from this mortgaged land. She used this land for five years. She purchased one buffalo from money earned money. Now she has four buffalos.

She took third loan from SHG of Rs 13,000 for purchasing of five goats. The number of goats multiplied. She sold out 14 goats for Rs 1,40,000. This activity was very profitable for her. Still she has 22 goats.

Fourth loan of Rs 32, 000 was taken for establishing shop of pan & masala. Her husband is taking care of this shop. She was Ajivika Sakhi for some time in RGMVP associating with agricultural capacity building programs. She has prepared 12 compost pits for her own agriculture. She has taken paddy seed of Sahbhagi variety. She planted orchard and now its income per year is about Rs 40,000. She has gone to Etah and Furrukhabad under to organize SHGs. Now her husband takes her consent in all family decisions.

K S Yadav and P S Mohanan, June 06, 2019