I 224. (June 07, 2019): Piyara succeeds through struggle and determination : 

Piyara is a member of Jai Bajrangbali  SHG under RGMVP in Umrar village of Sangipur block in Amethi district. She has 7 members in her family i.e. husband, herself, two sons, two daughters in law and a grand son. Although she has four bigha of land but most part of this land was unfertile and alkaline in nature. Some fertile portion land had to be pledged to borrow money for family needs. Piyara was very poor before joining the group. Her husband is a drunkard and he was not permitting Piyara to join the group. Her miserable economic condition gave her courage and determination to stand on her own feet and Piyara joined the self-help group in 2008 against the wishes of her husband. After coming in to the SHG, Piyara has availed financial assistance of more than Rs. 1.5 lakh for different activities. Major transactions are given hereunder:

  1. Rs 15, 000 for payment to the landlord to whom her 10-biswa land was pledged.
  2. Rs 10, 000 towards treatment of her son.
  3. Rs 5, 000 towards purchase of a pump set for irrigation of land
  4. Rs 10, 000 for agricultural purpose
  5. Rs 20, 000 for purchase of partially constructed house in the village.
  6. Rs 40, 000 for starting a tent house business, which is being taken care of by her son.

She has enjoyed financial assistance from SHG to meet cultivation expenses several times. Most part of her land has become cultivable by now.

Now Piyara has two major income generation activities i.e. Agriculture and tent house and there is handsome earning from these activities. Family has come out of poverty. Piyara has maximum faith in her SHG. She has studied up to primary standard. Her both sons are educated. Her husband has no objection now and as such Piyara works freely in the group. She is President of VO and assists other SHGs of the Gram Panchayat. Piyara gives whole credit of her present position to  her SHG.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, June 07, 2019