I 225. (June 11, 2019): Pinki – SHG becomes her path to success:

Pinki is a successful  member of Sita SHG under RGMVP in Wahanpur village of Mawai block in Faizabad district. She is from a poor family consisting of 7 members. Family has just one bigha of land. This land too was pledged to some moneylender and the family was at the height poverty when she joined SHG. SHG helped her to fight against poverty. After joining the group, Sita availed loans from SHG a number of times:

  1. Rs 10, 000 for repaying debt to the landlord with whom her land was pledged.
  2. Rs 10, 000 for cultivation on the aforesaid land.
  3. Rs 15, 000 for purchase of a she-buffalo heifer, which is likely to come in calving stage soon
  4. Rs 20, 000 towards purchase of 2nd hand Bolero which is being run by her husband on hire giving daily income of Rs 1, 500 to Rs 2, 000.

At present Sita has two income generation activities i.e. agriculture on her own land and income from the hiring of vehicle by others. There is remarkable transformation now in the economic condition of the family. Poverty is now sufficiently reduced and family members are living happy life. All her four children (3 daughters and a son) are school going and husband is running the vehicle. Soon she will have another income from sale of milk when her buffalo calves. Sita is  educated up to 8th class and presently working as a Community Volunteer in Mawai block. Exposure in the SHG institutions kindled her voluntarism and leadership qualities. She is taking care of other SHGs of the area and motivating the poor women like her, sharing her own example of success. She has highest faith in her group, which is running well. With the support of her SHG Sita has gained recognition in the society.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, June 11, 2019