I 227. (June 14, 2019): Mithilesh – Prosperity and Happiness through SHG:  

She is Mithilesh, a member of Phoolmati SHG under RGMVP in Sunaba village of Mawai block in Faizabad district. Mithilesh belongs to a very poor and landless family having seven members. Prior to coming in to the group, Mithilesh’s economic and social conditions were miserable. Things changed once she joined SHG. After joining SHG she could access to information and capital needed for investment in livelihood generation. She availed loans as under:

  1. Rs 1, 200 for opening a micro enterprise – a sweet shop in the premises of Kamakhya Devi temple adjacent to the village
  2. Rs 10, 000 to expand the above sweet shop.
  3. Rs 30, 000 to open cosmetic cum general store in the same premises where large number of pilgrims visit. The husband is running sweetshop whereas her son is looking after the shop of general stores. From these two shops, which are located at the best selling point, average daily income is between Rs 1,000 to Rs1, 200. The family of Mithilesh has come out of poverty with the needed financial support from group.

Family members are enjoying a happy life. Mithilesh is educated up to 8th standard and all her younger children are school going. She is very good social worker and has been guiding other SHGs also. She gives much weightage to her group, which is satisfactorily operated.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, June 14, 2019