I 229. (June 21, 2019): Kiran overcomes her miseries through self-help:  

Story of Smt Kiran of Mokampur Deohat village of Baskhari block in Ambedkarnagar district is heart breaking. She comes from extremely poor family of 5 members i.e. husband, herself, two sons and a daughter with 15 biswa of land.

Her husband was a drunkard and sold the land and presently absconding. Burden of the family has come on the shoulders of Kiran. Kiran became a member of Shanti SHG in her village in the year 2015. This gave her much needed solace and confidence to face the situation courageously. She could avail loan from SHG a number of times and improve her condition by wisely investing her borrowings.

  1. She started a cosmetic cum general store by taking financial help of Rs 41, 000 on 4 occasions (Rs1000, 5000, 10000 and 25000) from her SHG.
  2. Borrowed Rs. Rs 20, 000 from SHG for making payment to the landlord to whom her drunkard husband had sold 15 biswa of land and thus retrieved her land.
  3. She borrowed Rs 25, 000 again for purchase of buffalo.

With the surplus generated from sale of milk, general store and cultivation on re land, Shanti has come out of the miserable condition and now she is happy. Her elder son is taking care of the general store after intermediate and daughter and younger son are both school going. Her general store is running well as it is located on the road in a room given by her father in law. Her next step is to develop the existing shop by taking further assistance from the group after repayment of the old loan. SHG of Kiran has come to her rescue during hard days of the life. She has very high hope from her SHG, which is running well.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, June 21, 2019