I 232. (June 29, 2019): Ranjana improves her financial condition: 

Ranjana is a successful member of Gunjan SHG under in Dashrathpur village of Bikapur block in Faizabad district. She has 6 members in her family consisting of husband, herself and 4 sons. She had two bigha of land and a buffalo. Prior to joining the SHG, her family was living in critical condition as the income two bigha unfertile land was not sufficient to cater the needs of the family. After joining the group, she has taken following financial support:

  1. Rs15, 000 for purchasing the items of Jaimal set  to be hired in marriages.
  2. Rs 22, 000 to establish a shop of building materials.

Now there are 4 income generation activities with the family i.e. sale of buffalo milk, cultivation, Jaimal set and the shop of building materials. From these activities income of the family comes to Rs 12,000 to Rs 15,000 per month as a result of which family is now out of poverty. Life of the family members has now become easy. In future, she has a plan to expand her business activities with the financial help of the group. Ranjana is an illiterate woman but now she can sign after joining the SHG. All 4 sons are school going. She gives total credit for her present position to her group, which is running well.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, June 27, 2019