I 231. (June 24, 2019): Sabana Bano leads her family out of poverty:

This is a success story of Ms Sabana Bano. She belongs to a poor, minority family in Gaymau village of Jagdishpur block under CRDC Amethi. She is a landless poor. Her husband is an unskilled labourer in a bakery. She had worked as labourer in khadanja making under MNREGA and other local work to run her family. Her family was living in thatched/mud house. In the rainy season, they used to face lot problems due to rainwater pouring out of thatches in to the house. Her condition was really pathetic. She has four children including three sons and a daughter. Children dropped school due to poverty and lack of financial resources. Somehow how they struggled to meet both ends. They did get loan on demand from neither their own village nor outside when there was dire need of money.

God showed them the way to SHG as one of the life support systems in the village. She joined SHG seven years ago with monthly saving of Rs 50. Her SHG name is Khwaja Garib Nabaj SHG. She has taken four loans on different occasions, first loan Rs 1, 000 for continuing children’s schooling. Second loan of Rs 5, 000 also was for children’s education. Third loan of Rs 20,000 from the SHG was for purchase of goats for rearing as an income generation activity. The fourth loan Rest 15, 000 for construction of house.

She earned Rs 60, 000 plus from rearing and selling of goats. Currently she has four goats. She has now made her house parka. Her children are going to good school. A daughter and a son are studying in 12th class. Others are in lower classes. She got knowledge excellent on health through SHGs. She wants to give good education to her children. SHG has given an opportunity to be connected with the outside life of family. In the last seven years, she has become a leader and is a regular participant in the learning and action programs of RGMVP. She has full faith in her SHG. It is true, the confidence and leadership of women can transform the life of family. Her empowerment has inspired her husband too. Now her husband is advising her to increase her SHG savings from Rs. 50 per month to Rs 200 per month. Sabana is a confident and happy woman because of her SHG.

K S Yadav, June 29, 2019