I 233. (July 01, 2019): Kiran succeeds and transforms in to a social capital :  

Kiran is from Laldharpatti village of Baba Belkarnath block in Pratapgad district. Her family was poor. There are 6 members in her family. Her family has 1.5 bigha of land for cultivation and the produce from the land was not sufficient for the family. As a result, Kiran’s family remained poor, unable to make both ends meet. Though she was a graduate, she was confined to her husband’s home. She did not have any role in family decisions. As the daughter-in-law, her main job was to take care of the household cores. Her aspirations and dreams had no hope of fructification.

She became a member of Durga Mata SHG under RGMVP in the year 2016. Once connected to the group, she got opportunity to come out of the shell in which she was confined and realize her own wisdom and potential. From her SHG, she availed following financial assistance:

  1. Rs 20, 000 for cultivation on 5 occasions (Rs 8,000, Rs 5,000, Rs 2, 000, Rs 3, 000 and Rs 2, 000)
  2. Rs 50, 000 for opening Kirana shop for her husband on the side of the road adjacent to the village.
  3. Rs 30, 000 for purchase of Sahiwal cow.

Now she has three income generation activities i.e. agriculture, sale of milk and kirana store. From the income generated out of these activities, family has come out of poverty. There is significant transformation in the living standard of the family members. Both her sons are school going. Kiran is an active SHG member and apart from running her group with best practices, she guides other SHGs of the village also. She has become a success story, which can inspire other women. She has become a social capital.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, July 01, 2019