I 236. (July 05, 2019): Savitri: a widow’s travails and success:  

This is the heart-touching story of the rising of a poorest of the poor widow, Smt Savitri Kori, residing at Hasrapur village of Chhatoh block in Amethi district. Her husband had died due to T.B. seven years ago, leaving behind four children to her care. She has three biga of land. Due to salinity of the soil of this land, it was by and large unproductive. She is an illiterate mother. After death of husband, she was left with no way of earning a livelihood for the family. As a result, she became helpless. She had to face many social barriers and often people mocked at her helplessness at every opportunity. They did gossip and raised lewd comments about her when she talked to any man. She tried to take the help of parents, but they also had their limitations. She worked as an agriculture labour and did other odd jobs to run her family.

She was praying and waiting for new light and miracle, since life was becoming very miserable. There was no hope left around her. She was not finding any way to give quality education to her children.

Really, it is true that you can find a way if you want it by heart. One day, Community Volunteer of RGMVP discussed with her details about SHG concept. This discussion erupted curiosity in her mind and finally she joined SHG on November 25, 2016.

Fact is that as the poor join SHG, their confidence starts building up. Now, she started believing that she could have as well as fulfill a dream. She started to attend meetings of SHG, VO and BO. The names of her SHG, VO and BO are Arati Samooh, Jago Mahila Sagthan and Vikash Block Sangathan respectively.

She has accessed multiple loans on different occasions:

  1. Rs15, 000 for Buffalo rearing
  2. Rs 5, 000 for petty shop
  3. Rs 2, 000 for expanding the shop
  4. Rs 15, 000 for children’s education

She earmarked 1.5 biga of land for its development and making it suitable for better agriculture. She used 10 piles of compost in this land. Now this land started producing good yield. Last time, she got 21 bags of grain while in other half of untreated land; she got only 7 bags of grain. Before SHG, they used to borrow grain for consumption from moneylender. Now they have sufficient grain produced from her land.

Now her daughter has completed nursing course from reputed place with the help of SHG and her parents. She is working in Pachkola hospital as nurse. Three sons are also studying in good school, in 12th, 9th and 5th classes respectively.

She worked as Meeting Sakhi and formed five SHGs of poor women. Now, she is living the life of a fearless, stable, courageous, respected, enthusiastic woman with the hope of bright future all due to her SHG. She is very conscious of health of herself and her children, again thanks to her awareness through SHG. It is true that you will find a way out for future, if you want to find a way out of heart. She told, “Thanks to SHG, I could raise my children, they not feeling the loss of their father”. She is a transformed woman.

K S Yadav, July 05, 2019