I 238. (July 08, 2019): Sukun Devi – Success through self-help:

Shakun Devi is a member of Sri Ganesh SHG under RGMVP in Pure Chopai village of Salon block in Amethi district. She has seven members in her family comprising of husband, herself, four sons and a daughter. She has only five biswa of land. Her family was one of the very poor families in the village. Joining the SHG in the village was a turning point in the life of Shakun Devi. SHG helped her to gradually come out of her home, mix with other women like her, learn from each other and attend SHG meetings and trainings. Her self-confidence and feeling of self worth increased. She became courageous to borrow from SHG and invest in livelihood.

She has taken cumulative loan of Rs. 35, 000 from her group invested as below:

  1. After coming in to the group, she took one bigha of land on batai (oral lease) for cultivation and availed assistance of Rs 5, 000 towards cultivation expenses.
  2. Rs 20, 000 for purchase of a milch cow.  At present she has three cows of Jersey breed.
  3. Rs 10, 000 for the marriage of her daughter.

Now she has two income generation activities i.e. cultivation and sale of milk from which she is earning between Rs 10, 000 to Rs 12, 000 per month. Family has come out of poverty and family members are enjoying happy life. She is educated up to 5th class but all her children are educated. This change could be possible only because of her group. She attaches great importance to her SHG, which is well operated.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, June 08, 2019