I 239. (July 09, 2019):  Inspiring Story of Phuljara:

She is Phuljhara, member of Laxmi SHG in Pure Chopai village of Salon block. Her family has 8 members i.e. husband, herself, four sons, a daughter and mother in law. She has just bigha of land. She was very poor. She never thought that she could do something about it. However things changed once she joined SHG. She learned a lot of things from others through SHG meetings and trainings and slowly shed her inhibitions and fear. She has availed cumulative financial assistance to the extent of Rs 196,000 from her SHG, for different purposes as under:

  1. Apart from cultivating one bigha of own land,  after coming in to the group, she has taken one more bigha of land for cultivation on batai (oral lease) basis.  This is potato growing area and potato. She started growing potato. For this purpose alone, she has taken loan of Rs 66,000 on 6 occasions (Rs1000, Rs 10,000, Rs 10, 000 Rs 10, 000, Rs 15, 000 and Rs 20, 000)
  2. Rs 55, 000 on two occasions (Rs 35,000 and Rs 20,000) towards purchase of shuttering equipment for building construction. With this financial support, her son is working as building contractor.
  3. Rs 75, 000 towards purchase of a plot for construction of a room to keep the equipment of building construction.

Now she has two major income generation activities i.e. cultivation and building construction work, from which she is earning on an average between Rs 15, 000 and Rs 20, 000 per month. There is tremendous transformation in the status of her family and it is out of poverty. Family members are enjoying a very happy life. Phuljhara is educated up to 8th standard and all her children are educated.  She is president of her Village Organization of SHGs and she is guiding other SHGs. This change in her social and economic status could be possible only because of her group, which is running very well.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, July 09, 2019