I 240. (July 11, 2019): Rani achieves financial security through her SHG:

Self-help is the best help for the poor. This has been reinforced through the success of the poor woman named Rani of Rahmatgarh village in Sukul Bazar block of Amethi district. She is now an active and successful member of Jai Hanuman SHG in of the village. Her story is the story of change and transformation. Hailing from a very poor family of 11 members and just one bhiga of land, like many poor women in shackles in rural areas, she too was not having any hope for the future before joining SHG in 2006. After joining the group things changed. She has availed total assistance of Rs 1,10,000 from her group as under:

  1. Rs 5, 000 for Agriculture
  2. Rs 25, 000 for purchase of buffalo
  3. Rs 15, 000 for children’s education
  4. Rs 40, 000 for starting a business – cloth shop
  5. Rs 25, 000 for daughter’s marriage

At present she has three income generation activities i.e. agriculture, sale of milk and cloth shop.

Family of Rani has come out of poverty and family members are enjoying happy life. She is illiterate but now she can sign after coming in SHG. All the children in the family are school going. Rani gives full credit to her SHG for her empowerment and financial security.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, July 11, 2019