I 246. (July 20, 2019) : Sita gets out of poverty through self-help:

Sita is a member of Jai ma Vaishno SHG under RGMVP in Rampur Maya village of Mayabazar block, Faizabad district. The story of how this illiterate woman defeated poverty through self-help is inspiring.

There are 8 members in her family. She has just one bigha land the agricultural produce from this land the wages of casual labor were not sufficient to run the family. Once she joined SHGs, she took lead in planning for the family as she had access to information and capital. Not only that, she got motivation and courage from her SHG sisters. She started borrowing from SHG and investing wisely:

  1. Borrowed Rs 10, 000 for goat rearing.
  2. Borrowed Rs 30, 000 for purchase of buffalo.
  3. Borrowed Rs 50, 000 for purchase of one bigha of agricultural land on pledge.

Now she has three income generation activities i.e. cultivation on two bighas of land, sale of buffalo milk and goat rearing. From the income generated out of these activities there is noticeable change in the living standard and the family has crossed the poverty line. She claims that this happiness in her family has come only because of her SHG. Sita is an illiterate woman but now she has learned to sign after joining the group. Children in the family are getting good education. Entire family is enjoying happy life and her SHG, which was formed in the year 2011, is running well.

C S Pandy and P S Mohanan, July 20, 2019