I 249. (July 26, 2019) :Antima: Economic empowerment through Self Help:

Antima is a member of Sagun SHG under RGMVP in Beershahpur village of Lalganj Ajhara block in Prtapgad district. Her family comprises of six members i.e. husband, herself, two sons, father in law and mother in law. Though her family has two bigha of land, their economic condition was very poor. She joined SHG in 2016. SHG changed the situation. After joining SHG, she had financial access for economic investment. She took following loans from her SHG:

  1. Rs 15, 000 towards purchase of buffalo
  2. Rs 20, 000 for opening a kirana shop for her husband by the side of the road adjacent to the village
  3. Rs 15, 000 again for expansion of the existing shop. This shop is running well giving good returns.

Now Antima has three income generation activities i.e. agriculture, dairy and kirana shop. Poverty of the family is greatly reduced and family members are very happy. She is a graduate and had access to a number of trainings in RGMVP under agriculture and health. Presently she is giving leadership in RGMVP as a community resource person in Lalganj Ajhara block guiding other SHGs to implement the health behavior change programme. Both sons are school going. Antima attaches much importance to her group for her success and helping her to break women’s barriers. Her SHG is functioning well.

C S Pandey and P S Mohanan, July 26, 2019