I 251. (August 01, 2019) : Marriam breaks barriers: 

This is the story of poor SHG member namely Smt Marriam Behan. She belongs to a landless Muslim family. Marriam Behan has four children consisting of two daughters and two sons. Her husband is a driver who gets job occasionally only. She always used to remain with in boundary of her thatched house. She never dared to talk to any other men of outside family. There were many barriers in her life. There was no regular income source to run her family. There was no hope to get financial support from any one from society. Her mother in law was very orthodox type. She was not allowed to go outside her house. Even she was not allowed to go to other families of village. She never went to a bank or dared to speak to a bank manager. Since her mother was a SHG member, she was well aware of the importance of SHG. Even though she had extreme desire for quality education to her children, she was not able to send her children to good school due financial crisis in family. She had a dream to fly high to touch sky, but she was not enabled to see any ray of hope even very far. Many a times, her in laws and husband became very much annoyed with her views and because of that, she had to live with parents for 2-3 months.

One year ago, RGMVP’s community resource person Smt Shashibala visited the village for organising women in to SHGs. Since, Marriam Behan was already waiting for this. She joined Ya Barish SHG of Samata Village Organisation in Pure Nidura village of Baldirai block, Amethi district. I have also practically experienced one thing with my full confidence from her story. Those women whose mothers are in SHGs, already know the importance of SHG. They learn and progress very fast. Marriam behan’s mother was in SHG in her parental village is in Gauriganj of Amethi district. So she knew the benefits of SHG in the life of poor very well.

She has taken loans from SHG on different occasions:

  1. Rs 10, 000 for purchase of 7 goats. She reared and sold 3 goats for fulfilling family needs as well as to purchasing of 20 hens. She earned Rs 4, 500 from hens.
  2. Rs 5, 000 out of which she invested Rs 2, 000 for purchasing of bricks for house construction and Rs 1, 000 was invested for buying of 8 chicks and Rs 2, 000 for leasing a plot of land for cultivation.

Now she is the president of her Ya Barish SHG. She has a better house. She has identified 5 women and contacting others for forming new SHG. She goes to bank for depositing savings and withdrawing money. She interacts with Branch Manager. She attends meetings in other villages also, her confidence level is very high. She has rich knowledge in health practices and compost making for agriculture. Now her in-laws and husband are very happy with the SHG and they are allowing her to attend meetings etc. Her elder son is studying in English medium school. She is very happy, now dreaming of good education to her children and purchasing one four wheeler for her husband through her SHG.

K S Yadav, August 01, 2019