I 254. (August 09, 2019) : Geeta’s path out of poverty: 

She is Geeta, a successful member of Dhanlaxmi SHG in Rakhahabazar of Baba Belkarnath block in Pratapgad block. She is landless and there are six members in her family. Geeta joined the group in 2014 and she was very poor before coming in to the group. She has availed loan from SHG twice as under:

  1. Rs 50, 000 towards purchase of auto rickshaw. Her son is running the rickshaw on Patti – Pratapgarh road.
  2. Rs 35, 000 to establish a cosmetic cum crockery shop in Rakhaha market.

She has planned to expand the existing shop by enjoying further assistance from SHG in the near future, looking into its economic viability.  Meantime from the above two income generation activities, poverty of the family is greatly reduced and family members are living a happy life. She is educated up to 5th standard and all her three children are school going. Geeta gives total credit of her happiness to her group, which is running well.

C S Panday, August 09, 2019