I 256. (August 16, 2019) : Ramlali: SHG helps her change her destiny: 

From a woman clad under the veil, unaware to being the president of her Village organization, the story of Ramlali from Barabanki is an inspiring tale of how women in rural India can take charge of their destiny and change it for better. 

Coming from a small village of Manipur in Haidergarh block, Barabanki district, Ramlali led a very difficult life. Her family had no source of income. There was no labor work available in her village. The sole agricultural land through which the family survived was also lost when they put their agricultural land on a mortgage, to acquire money for Ramlali’s husband who was not well.

The conditions of the house worsened when Ramlali, unaware of the basic health practices lost her first child soon after conceiving.

Five years back however things began changing when Ramalali joined Santoshi self-help group. The 27-year-old Ramlali who never saw bank before now has good relations with the bank officials.

“I have a bank account of my own. Women usually don’t have their own money under their name and depend on their husband. Through the help of my SHG, we now have our bank account.”

Ramlali also took money from her SHG on various accounts –

Rs 20,000 for agricultural purposes

Rs 10,000 for purchasing a buffalo

Rs 1500 for treatment

“The biggest takeaway from my SHG is that I am no longer bounded by the social barriers, I go out of the house even to other districts. I have made 60 women from my village join self-help groups. I have a daughter now who is healthy and fit as I followed all the health practices my SHG taught me. SHG has given me a lot, today whatever I am is because of my SHG.”